Ansible for Automation!

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In this screencast, we automate provision of Linux server with a wonderful automation tool named Ansible and explore the most fundamental parts of this process:

  • Configuring an entire Vagrant host for a web (Symfony) app
  • Provision hosts with Ansible
  • Inventory files
  • All about Ansible modules
  • Playbooks, plays, tasks
  • Variables and facts
  • Handlers
  • Conditionals and tags
  • Jinja2 templates (functions, filters, loops, variables, etc.)
  • Roles
  • Prompt input
  • Debugging
  • Deploying to EC2
  • Ansible Vault, for secret stuff

Are you ready to start adding some automation to your daily workflow?

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Victor Bocharsky Ryan Weaver

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  • 2016-09-22 Felipe Martins

    WOW I'm looking forward for this!