EasyAdminBundle for an Amazing Admin Interface

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This course is in the planning stages

Time to build an admin interface for your amazing site! You want it to be great! Powerful! Beautiful! Awe-inspiring! ... and you need to be able to finish it in a just a few hours!

Lucky you.

EasyAdminBundle allows you to spin up fully-featured admin interfaces with almost zero work, then customize them as far as you need to go. It's not only beautiful, powerful and awe-inspiring, it's fun to use. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to:

  • Install and Configure the bundle
  • Customize everything: what properties to display, how they render, help messages, sorting, filters... and more!
  • Override templates... at many different levels
  • Take control of your forms
  • Using autocompletion
  • Adding custom actions (and removing others)
  • Updating and configuring the menu (like adding a link to kitten videos!)
  • Hooking into events to do things before or after an entity is saved
  • Adding custom CSS/JS behaviors to the page
  • ... and more

Join us! This is a bundle you will not regret using!

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Questions? Conversation?

  • 2017-04-20 weaverryan

    Zuhayer Tahir Haha, "slayed tutorialically" <= yep, that's my favorite new phrase :).

    Right now, we have no plans on covering this. I don't have extensive experience with Sonata, but everyone says the same thing: big huge, complex bundle. I'd rather everyone use EasyAdminBundle and enjoy themselves. If there are some things that Sonata can do that EasyAdminBundle can't, hopefully those could be added to EasyAdminBundle or extracted into a smaller new bundle independent of Sonata. But, maybe I'm underestimating Sonata and it's got some value. If I can be convinced, then we might do it - it is still one of the most used bundles out there!


  • 2017-04-20 Zuhayer Tahir

    Any plan for a course on Sonata Admin?
    Sonata is a Giant Dragon which needs to be slayed tutorialically by Shriek(s) or Princess Fiona(s) :)