Stripe Level 2: Subscriptions, Discounts, Webhooks, oh my!

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After Part 1 of the tutorial, you are rocking with Stripe: Charges, Customer, Invoices and error-handling are old news.

Now it's time to take our sheep-shearing startup to the next level: by offering a monthly subscription service. Woh.

  • Learn to create and charge subscriptions!
  • Store the card type and last 4 to show your user
  • Update a customer's credit card
  • Handle cancellations... and reactivations!
  • Use web-hooks to handle renewal payments, cancellation, payment failures
  • Upgrading/Downgrading a subscription correctly with prorations
  • Offer Coupons and even free subscriptions to awesome people!
  • Giving your user's high-quality invoices

Oh, the possibilities are endless: create a subscription service that treats your customers right.

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