Symfony 3.3: Upgrade, Autowiring & Autoconfigure

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Symfony 3.3 comes with some FRESH new dependency injection changes! Yes, autowiring, autoconfigure, auto-registration of services! Autobots, roll out! In this tutorial, we will:

  • Upgrade to Symfony 3.3
  • Learn about the new _defaults keyword
  • Update service ids to be class names
  • Discuss public versus private services
  • Upgrade to the new services.yml format without breaking our project
  • Auto-register all classes in src/AppBundle as services (what!?)
  • Handling classes that have multiple services registered
  • Understanding autowiring and aliases
  • Using named arguments when autowiring fails

Say hello to the bigger, faster, strong way of service configuration!

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Ryan Weaver

Questions? Conversation?

  • 2017-06-15 Lasha Kitia

    As always, Knp creates useful courses and everything is clearly explained.
    Thank you Ryan for this!

  • 2017-05-26 Dan Costinel

    Looking forward to it :)