Basically, our training is a little different.

  • Taught by Ryan Weaver: Symfony docs lead and expert trainer.
  • Hands-on: solving real problems, building real code.
  • Not canned: topics customized for your team.
  • Don't just find out *how* it works, find out *why*.
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Drupal 8 for Backend Developers

Drupal 8, it's finally here! If your team already knows Drupal 7, but needs to get going on Drupal 8, this training is *made* for you. We'll demystify all the new "Symfony" stuff, explaining routes, controllers, services, the service container, events, dependency injection tag, Composer and more. The goal of this training is to start with a Drupal 7 developer and pull back all the layers of Drupal 8 into it looks simple. Get Dangerous in Drupal 8.

Location: On-site at your office

Price: $6,000-$7,500

Length: 2-3 days

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Behat and BDD

Not testing your code yet? Let's get that taken care of using my *absolute* favorite tool: Behat. We'll learn the art of writing features and scenarios and the power of Behavior-Driven Development. Of course, you'll also master the Behat library, its sister library Mink, and find yourself writing human-readable scenarios that are beloved by less-technical people *and* executed as functional tests. Rest easier at night knowing your core code is working.

Location: Virtual

Price: $5,500

Length: 10 hours

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Building Real-World REST APIs

REST: if that word strikes fear into your heart, we're here for you. In this training, we learn what's important with REST, what's not, and build an API using Symfony from the group-up. This includes resources & representations, status codes, testing, HTTP method handling, API documentation, serializing, authentication, error handling, debugging and more. And as always, this is customized for your needs.

Location: On-site at your office

Price: $7,500

Length: 3 days

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Happy Training Clients

CBS Interactive
Electronic Arts
NYU Langone Medical Center
Flight Centre
University of Georgia
Whole Foods
Stella and Dot
Yellow Pages
Newspin 360
Imperial County Office of Education
Federated Funeral Directors of America
Visual Chefs
Project Lead The Way