EasyAdminBundle for an Amazing Admin Interface

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Time to build an admin interface for your amazing site! You want it to be great! Powerful! Beautiful! Awe-inspiring! ... and you need to be able to finish it in a just a few hours!

Lucky you.

EasyAdminBundle allows you to spin up fully-featured admin interfaces with almost zero work, then customize them as far as you need to go. It's not only beautiful, powerful and awe-inspiring, it's fun to use. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to:

  • Install and Configure the bundle
  • Customize everything: what properties to display, how they render, help messages, sorting, filters... and more!
  • Override templates... at many different levels
  • Take control of your forms
  • Using autocompletion
  • Adding custom actions (and removing others)
  • Updating and configuring the menu (like adding a link to kitten videos!)
  • Hooking into events to do things before or after an entity is saved
  • Adding custom CSS/JS behaviors to the page
  • ... and more

Join us! This is a bundle you will not regret using!

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Andrew Marcinkevičius Ryan Weaver

Questions? Conversation?

  • 2017-08-11 Victor Bocharsky

    Hi Lopoi,

    Well, this course uses our AquaNote theme on which we were working in some Symfony tutorials like:

    The last is "Doctrine Collections" I think, but it's probably not very important because we often make some changes after previous course before starting a new course, so better to download the initial course code and start from the "start/" folder - you can download initial course code of this tutorial with "Download" button -> "Course Code" in the right up corner of any chapter's page of this course. But to download the course code you need to have a paid KnpU subscription or own the course.


  • 2017-08-11 Lopoi Popoi

    Hello @wweaverryan !
    You have recommended to start this course with downloading source code. Can you please tell from which of the previous course this code come from?

  • 2017-07-06 Diego Aguiar

    Hey Riccardo Previti

    There is a way to pass options to the Form types by using the field *type_options*, you can use it something like this (copied from the docs):

    class: AppBundle\Entity\Customer
    - { property: 'name', icon: 'user' }
    - { property: 'email', css_class: 'input-large', type_options: { required: false } }

    you can read more info about it here https://github.com/javiereg...


  • 2017-07-06 Riccardo Previti

    I'm trying to use EasyAdminBundle together with FOSUserBundle. When admin-editing a user, date selection form only displays 5 years in the past. This is unsuitable for the birthDate field. How can I extend it?

  • 2017-07-05 Victor Bocharsky

    Hey zboina ,

    We didn't work due to 4th of July. We're going to upload more videos today, so today... or maybe tomorrow you will see it.


  • 2017-07-04 zboina

    Waiting impatiently for the next part of the course ...
    You have not posted anything since Friday...

  • 2017-06-27 Luis

    Sonata Admin would be awesome! Think about it, weaverryan .

  • 2017-06-21 weaverryan

    Woohoo! Hopefully we'll start releasing next week - the first 6 chapters are already in final editing :)

  • 2017-06-21 zboina

    Very good idea with EasyAdmin course!
    When will the course be available?


  • 2017-05-25 Victor Bocharsky

    Hm, probably you cleared the cache as Diego had suggested and then ran assets:install again which did the trick. Anyway, glad it works! ;)


  • 2017-05-25 Mykyta Popov

    I'm working on debian with homestead.
    My problem is gone, but I don't know why)))))
    I just have try to run server from the console bin/console server:start and admin styles were found
    then I tried to run vagrant server again and every thing became ok...
    I didn't touch cache or some thing else.. magic...

  • 2017-05-25 Victor Bocharsky

    Hey Mykyta,

    Are you on Windows? What version of Windows do you have? Try do not use --symlink, i.e. run just "php bin/console assets:install", but first of all clear the both prod and dev cache. Does it fix your problem? Are you sure you have "web/bundles/easyadmin/stylesheet/easyadmin-all.min.css" file exist in this path?


  • 2017-05-24 Mykyta Popov

    unfortunately cache:clear and ctrl+f5 does not work for me((

  • 2017-05-24 Diego Aguiar

    Hey Mykyta Popov

    That's odd, can you try clearing your cache "bin/console cache:clear" and also browser's cache too "CTRL + F5" (in chrome)
    If it doesn't work, let us know

    Have a nice day!

  • 2017-05-24 Mykyta Popov

    Im sorry, but dont know where to ask the question.
    My problem is with css and js files.
    I have made the installation step by step like here http://symfony.com/doc/curr...
    After bin/console assets:install --symlink command everything looks ok but chrome console is shows errors that files are not found GET /bundles/easyadmin/javascript/easyadmin-all.min.js GET /bundles/easyadmin/stylesheet/easyadmin-all.min.css GET /http://knp2.local/bundles/easyadmin/javascript/easyadmin-all.min.js
    I have checked and they are there...
    Could you explain me what I have miss?

  • 2017-05-17 weaverryan

    Hey Lopoi Popoi!

    Unfortunately, it won't cover this... mostly because I don't believe that EasyAdminBundle has any feature related to this. Aka, you would need to do it yourself. I think SonataAdminBundle has something like this... but that's a totally different library (which I currently recommend cautiously, because historically, it is quite complex).


  • 2017-05-16 Lopoi Popoi

    Will it cover adding not single image to the record but kind of multi upload gallery?

  • 2017-05-14 weaverryan

    Hey Patrick Savelberg

    Between the http://knpuniversity.com/sc... tutorial and this one, we should have that covered... at least mostly ;). At some point, the collection stuff is so complex, building a custom, AJAX-ified setup might be better. But, all depends on your situation!


  • 2017-05-11 Patrick Savelberg

    Form Collections would be awesome

  • 2017-05-09 Andrew M.

    Cool. We will discuss this with Ryan to see that can be done about it.

  • 2017-05-09 Ahmed Bhs

    It's about having a real homepage for our backend ,I dont know how to implement the solution with easyadmin ,because everything should be configured . Anyway, all we need is an empty homepage.html.twig template, where we will render some informations from our controller
    maybe some charts, widgets and advanced stuff that we can see in the admin/backend templates.

    Thank you for taking serious my proposition.

  • 2017-05-06 Andrew M.

    Both would be a great additions to tutorial Ahmed Bhs thanks

    CVS export is clear. Could you give some details about what you would like to see in a dashboard page?

  • 2017-05-05 Ahmed Bhs

    Thank you weaverryan for replaying i really appreciate your work, please at least the first point about the landing page(dashboard) , it's really importing .

  • 2017-05-05 weaverryan

    Great suggestions Ahmed Bhs! This tutorial is just about ready to be recorded, but I'll see if these can fit in :).


  • 2017-05-05 Ahmed Bhs

    Can you please add to your plans :
    + How to make a landing page (dashboard) for easyadmin because currently, EasyAdmin doesn't have a real backend homepage. When you access the backend, you are redirected to the list action of the first configured entity .
    + Export data into csv file .

  • 2017-04-20 weaverryan

    Zuhayer Tahir Haha, "slayed tutorialically" <= yep, that's my favorite new phrase :).

    Right now, we have no plans on covering this. I don't have extensive experience with Sonata, but everyone says the same thing: big huge, complex bundle. I'd rather everyone use EasyAdminBundle and enjoy themselves. If there are some things that Sonata can do that EasyAdminBundle can't, hopefully those could be added to EasyAdminBundle or extracted into a smaller new bundle independent of Sonata. But, maybe I'm underestimating Sonata and it's got some value. If I can be convinced, then we might do it - it is still one of the most used bundles out there!


  • 2017-04-20 Zuhayer Tahir

    Any plan for a course on Sonata Admin?
    Sonata is a Giant Dragon which needs to be slayed tutorialically by Shriek(s) or Princess Fiona(s) :)