About KnpUniversity

Woh, hey! I'm Ryan - the lead trainer and one of your friends here at KnpUniversity. Look, I love being a developer, but the road to becoming a productive programmer is not easy. When I started, good information was buried by theory and real-world examples were non-existent.

There's a great developer stuck inside each of us! And in 2011, I started KnpUniversity to help more people discover and unlock that potential by using better methods of learning. Being the documentation lead for a massive open source project (Symfony), a frequent speaker and an in-person trainer for 5 years has helped us craft our strict philosophy for real, significant learning.

  • Build real-world projects from end-to-end, via beautiful video tutorials
  • NEVER use slides (gross!)
  • Have some fun! We promise energy, space-ship animations, and embarrassing (I mean intelligent) jokes
  • Practice, practice, practice using our realistic coding challenges. Then enjoy a sandwich!
  • Keep things simple and save the heroically difficult details for later (or never!)

Now, it's your turn. So suit up (pajamas are the official uniform), get ready to work hard, and finally awaken the amazing developer that's hiding inside of you!

Ryan Weaver, Trainer

Hey! I'm the documentation lead for Symony and I write content and code for KnpUniversity. When I'm not enjoying the warm glow of my computer I'm probably out for a run, making silly sounds at my son or eating tortilla chips.

Leanna Pelham, Creative

If you've enjoyed the KnpU production quality, a dinosaur cartoon or pun, that was me...you're welcome! At any given moment I'm most likely reading a sci-fi novel about space travel.

Victor Bocharsky, Developer

My trusty cat Ponka and I write code, come up with improvements and help put the final polish on the tutorials. I love traveling with my awesome wife, Alexandra, and enjoying wintery days in Kiev.

Diego Aguiar, Developer

¬°Que tal amigo! I'm a yoga-loving Mexican who is passionate for eSports and working as a developer on the inner gears of KnpUniverity! Oh and you should ask me for my enchiladas poblanas recipe!

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