Using the slug in the Event URL

We’ve got slugs! So let’s enjoy them by putting them into our URLs!

First, change the event_show route to use the slug instead of the id:

# src/Yoda/EventBundle/Resources/config/routing/event.yml
# ...

    pattern:  /{slug}/show
    defaults: { _controller: "EventBundle:Event:show" }

# ...

You can also update the other routes if you want to - but this is the most important URL to get right.

Update the showAction accordingly and query for the Event using the slug:

// src/Yoda/EventBundle/Controller/EventController.php
// ...

public function showAction($slug)
    $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();

    $entity = $em->getRepository('EventBundle:Event')
        ->findOneBy(array('slug' => $slug));

    // ...

    // also change this line, since the $id variable is gone
    $deleteForm = $this->createDeleteForm($entity->getId());
    // ...

And with those 2 small changes, this page should work!

Updating the URL generation

Head over to the homepage to try it. Ah, a huge error:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template (“Some mandatory parameters are missing (“slug”) to generate a URL for route “event_show”.”)

The event_show route now has a slug wildcard instead of id. So wherever we’re generating a URL to this route, we need to change the wildcard we’re passing to it.

I’ll use the “git grep” command to figure out where we’re using this route:

git grep event_show

Update each to pass in the slug instead of the id:

// src/Yoda/EventBundle/Controller/EventController.php
// ..

public function createAction(Request $request)
    // ...

    return $this->redirect($this->generateUrl(
        'event_show', array('slug' => $entity->getSlug())
{# src/Yoda/EventBundle/Resources/views/Event/index.html.twig #}
{# ... #}

<a href="{{ path('event_show', {'slug': entity.slug}) }}">{{ }}</a>
{# src/Yoda/EventBundle/Resources/views/Event/edit.html.twig #}
{# ... #}

<a class="link" href="{{ path('event_show', {'slug': entity.slug}) }}">show event</a>

Refresh the homepage. Nice! When we click on an event, we have a beautiful URL.

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